FUKAHAMA manufactures particular models of single knit and double bed circular knitting machines, for production of fabrics 2-end fleece, pique, rib, interlock with lycra.

It also produces the “OPEN” models, with special take down system that cuts and rolls the fabric open (ramma), in order to avoid wrinkles, while folding the fabric in tubular rolls.

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H FUKAHAMA LTD κατασκευάζει συγκεκριμένα μοντέλα κυκλικών πλεκτομηχανών, μονόπλακες και δίπλακες για παραγωγή υφασμάτων κάλτσα, πικέ φούτερ, rib, interlock με λύκρα, καθώς επίσης και μοντέλα τύπου OPEN, με ειδικό τραβαδόρο για να κόβεται και τυλίγεται το ύφασμα ανοιγμένο – Ramma, για αποφυγή τσάκισης.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες δείτε την σελίδα της Fukahama www.fukahama.com.tw


1. Single jersey series
Diameter 26″ – 40″
Gauge 14 – 32gg
4 tracks with lycra
Jumbo – open with lycra
Terry – plating (vanize)
Terry jacquard

2. Single jersey Body size series
Diameter 12″ – 26″
Gauge 14 – 32

3. Double knit series
Diameter 26″ – 34″
Gauge 12 – 28gg
4 tracks with lycra
8-lock with lycra
Jumbo – open with lycra
Rib – transfer jacquard

4. Double knit Body size series
Diameter 8″ – 24″
Gauge 7 – 28

Model SH-4JFA3, in 26″-40″/12 – 32gg. High production single jersey 4 tracks with lycra for single jersey, pique, crepe, 2-yarn fleece, goufre, diagonal fabrics. Machine with central stitch control system, special fabric cutting take down device (ramma).

Model SH-BIR-2, in 26″-40″/12 – 28gg. High production double knit machine for combi rib fabrics with lycra.

Model SH-RBG4, in 8″-24″/12 – 28gg. High production double knit bodysize machines, for all sizes fabrics rib, interlock, pique with lycra.

Model SH-XFA, in 26″-40″/12-32gg. High production single jersey, 4 tracks machine. For all types of fabrics such as single jersey, 2-yarn fleece, pique, crepe with lycra. Machine with central stitch regulators and extra feeders (kit) for 3-thread plating.

Model SH-2SPW, in 26″-34″/18-20gg. High production single jersey machine with pattern wheels, for terry fabrics plain or jacquard, for velour, fleece, terry, cotele or jacquard designs.