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dianaRIUS ? COMATEX produces textile machinery during the last 65 years. All models are manufactured based on special goods production. Their flexibility is to enable particular branches in industry to produce materials that facilitate their job like:
Agri-textile ? cleaning ? fishing ? car - medical ? sanitary industry, meat netting, mechanical ? furniture ? decoration ? footwear and sportswear industry.

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elektra_mostra4 m138_mostra3 minitronic800_mostra1 minijet_mostra1
vg1000_mostra3 medical_mostra1 SERIER medical_mostra3
CIRCONET TC20016 AK1000 tc20016_mostra4
tc300ta_mostra1 tc300e_mostra3 protex1_mostra4 tc400_mostra4




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54250 Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310 322 228
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