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Back in 1990 we found EUROTEX, a company with the purpose of representing and selling knitting machines, spare parts, accessories and the after sales service and general technical support.

It represents global knitting machine manufacturing companies such as JUMBERCA of Spain and FUKAHAMA of Taiwan, SIMET of Italy cone winders, SHIMA SEIKI of Japan flat knitting machines and RIUS ? COMATEX of Spain.

The company, based on the technical knowledge of its staff, functions as a technical support group, thereby resulting in the correct choice of machine models been made by its team, for the satisfactory running of production in direct cooperation with customers? needs and profit.

Its success is the result of so many years experience in dealing with knitting machines.

In addition its branch of second hand knitting machines, which occupies an area of 1000m2 and average of circulating stock of 80-90 machines, carries out reconditioning, exchanging or buying and selling of second hand machinery, always to the benefit of the customer.

EUROTEX was the first in its line to open up to the high technology of the ?Jacquard?, links, transfer, terry etc, which today moreover, is a necessity in all up to date knitting departments. The company has installed more than 3.500 machines of all types in Greece and all over the world, consisting of both new and secondhand. Its services are unparalleled with its high quality service and its direct supply of spare parts to customers, including its export of secondhand machines to all over the world, with after sales service instantly.